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I am Alice. Sims 3 is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. Legacies and CC are linked above, and the ask button is below. <3
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Does anyone have any suggestions for a lighting mod? I’m annoyed with with way my Sims look when I try to take shots of them, and no matter how much light I use, they always look weird. I know it’s not my settings, because I have a pretty good video card and all the sliders for Sim looks are set as high as possible.

I got incredibly bored tonight and made the Sand Snakes from ASoIaF. Tyene is the only one I finished editing and is also my least favorite, mainly because she just looks like Cersei no matter what I do. I&#8217;ll get to Obara and Nymeria tomorrow.
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Playing with Photoshop. Sidney Storms + Siobhan Delaney.
Chapter 4.3 of the Kindcadd Legacy is FINALLY up.
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Long time no see. I&#8217;ve been on a Sims-hiatus and I haven&#8217;t had time to update stories, but I did do this. Click here to check out the results.

▷ Trying to get back into the groove of things.

I really have been away from the Sims for awhile. I’m currently brushing up my skills by making Sims. If anyone wants something, let me know. Spare spouses, heir spouses, villainous bad guys, mythical creatures (I make nice elves), just anything really, I’d be happy to oblige. Just drop a note in my ask.

If you want to see Sims I’ve made before you ask, you can go through my LJ download tag. I know only one shows up at a time but the posts go back for pages.

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